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Performance Group

The Centra beside McDonalds on the Gort Road
Saturday at 8.30am Sharp. 
Templategate Car Park
Sunday 9.30am Sharp (new trail cycle, short spin)
NOTE the full club meets at this time and divides into groups of different levels. It includes a peformance spin.
Is this the Cycle for You ?
The spin is suitable for cyclists who wish to improve fitness, speed and endurance.  it is an ideal training session for those wishing to race, complete sportives greater than 100k or participate in longer distance triathlons. 
To take part in the spin you should have some miles under your belt, be comfortable cycling in a group and know your limits.  Be prepared to take a shortcut home if you're having an off day or still building your self up to the main groups performance levels.  Remember this is performance training so the going will get tough,  that old adage come to mind,  No Pain-No Gain!! 
How far and at what speed ?
Distance and speed on the saturday spin varies from around 80k-120k at 27/28kph during the winter months and typicaly 120 to 160k+ at over 30kph during the summer and racing months.  Th Sunday spin is much shorter typically back between 12.00 and 12.30.  The group usually numbers between 6 and 12 and the ride often incorporates a well earned coffee stop (but not always). 
Important: Things To Bring 
Money - in case you need to buy food, drink or a taxi home 
Mobile Phone- To ring for the taxi, wife, husband, partner. 
Drink - Approx 500ml energy drink per hour you expect to be out 
Food- banana, energy bar, gel, cake, whatever you fancy 
Pump, 2 x Spare Tubes, Tyre Levers, multi-tool.
NOTE : If you hav't fixed a puncture before practice at home. Standing in the cold and wet is not the place to learn.  If you don't know how have a look at this Video