This page shows leaderboards for some of the more popular segments frequented by Dolmen on weekend club spins.  Climbing segments are generally preferred as it is on these that cyclists tend to push themselves the hardest.  The aim of the page is to promote the use of Strava by club members and encourage friendly competition on key segments. 

For each segment, the Strava link is shown. For those registered on Strava and logged into it, clicking on the link will show the latest leaderboard.

Broadford (as of 07/01/13)

Maghera  SN (as of 07/01/13)

Maghera  NS (as of 07/01/13)

Corkscrew (as of 07/01/13)

Aillwee (as of 07/01/13)

BallyLacken (as of 07/01/13)

Cliffs of Moher SN (as of 07/01/13)

Cliffs of Moher NS (as of 07/01/13)

The Hand WE (as of 07/01/13)

Finally for those who prefer flat and fast,  here are a few segments over some of the more frequent  Ennis runins used by the club.  Segments have been chosen which finish just outside Ennis before the final rollin occurs.  If you're looking to jump up the leaderboard on these, pick a day with a strong tail wind and a good similarly motivated group.

Gort Road Run in, Lough Cutra to Crusheen (as of 07/01/13)

Tulla Road Run in, Tulla  to Clooney (as of 07/01/13)

Newmarket Road Run in, Roundabout to Clarecastle (as of 07/01/13)