Dolmen Cycling is based in Ennis Co Clare Ireland. The club is focused on Performance cycling techniques, skills, nutrition and fitness at Sportive and competitive levels. The club welcomes new and experienced riders from all age groups. Performance means any cycling activity to which you as a person want to improve to be able to stay healthy and enjoy participating in. The club provides an environment to take part with others in the many local, national and international Sportive or Competitive events . The club mission is to enable cycling as a safe, ejoyable and healthy activity for a lifetime.
Dolmen has since its inception in 2001 continues to run best in class cycling events (2002 Best New Tour in Munster award ) 

Dolmen Cycling Club Member Benefits, Club Achievements & Member Achievements


Member benefits:

·         The club has organized weekend cycling spins –  Sunday spins leaving from Temple Gate at 9.30am sharp. Please see our Facebook page for data on recent spins.

·         Members receive a monthly email newsletter for all the latest club news.

·         Members can also join the club’s Facebook page & Strava Club.

·         Our cycling programs have something for everyone

·         The club also hosts its own cycling Tour in April & travels to participate in national and intrnationsl events