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Leisure Group

The Spin on Sunday leaves the carpark of the Temple Gate hotel at 9.30am. 
NOTE the full club meets at this time and divides into groups of different levels. It includes a leisure spin. You have the opportunity to try other spins if your wish.
Is this Spin for You ?
Wheither your ambition is to get fit, keep fit, , loose weight, or simply get introduced to the life long sport of cycling then this is for you. If you are coming out for the first time please be aware of the following; 
a) If you haven't done 40-60k distances distance before it will take a little time to learn your limits so be prepared to turn back before you overdo things. This is standard practuice in all levels of cycling.   
b) Let the group leader know what you're used to and where possible the group will try to accomodate you. 
c) If you find the spin difficult don't be discouraged, stick with it, you'd be amazed at the difference a few weeks will make. 
REMEMBER : With Group cycling within weeks you will easily be cycling over 40k !!!
If you enjoy the spin and would like to come out on a regular basis please talk to one of the group leaders about joining the club.
How far and at what speed ?
It is usually around 60k at an average speed around 22kph. The group leader will moderate the cycle so that all cyclists present have a positive experience.
Important: Things To Bring 
Money - in case you need to buy food, drink or a taxi home 
Mobile Phone- To ring for the taxi, wife, husband, partner. 
Drink - Approx 500ml energy drink per hour you expect to be out 
Food- banana, energy bar, gel, cake, whatever you fancy 
Pump, 2 x Spare Tubes, Tyre Levers, multi-tool.
NOTE : If you hav't fixed a puncture before practice at home. Standing in the cold and wet is not the place to learn.  If you don't know how have a look at this Video