Joining Club Spins

Performance & Endurance Cycling

Steady winter spins every Sunday, a great time to start cycling with a club, so come along and give it a try.
Cyclists who are part of the group can save up to 40% in energy expenditures over a cyclist who is not drafting in a group. This enables well formed groups to cycle large distances at high average speeds  without excessive effort.
Dolmen train all cyclists in these techniques, enabling the achievement of what was impossible.

Join us for spins over the winter
Every Sunday, 8.30am

Templegate Carpark

Click here for all you need to know before starting.

Non-club members wishing to take part in Club Spins are required to submit a completed and signed 'One Day Outing' form. This enables participation in a maximum of 3 club spins. If an individual wishes to take part in further spins at this point, Full Club Membership is required.
Download 'One Day Outing' Form here