Wednesday Inter Club Training Ras clar 212 video

The Dolmen hosted interclub race training commences on Wed May 2nd at 19:00 sharp. It runs each Wednesday for 15 weeks until August 8th. Registration is at Wells Church at 18:45, see map below. It entails signing on with name and CI number and paying 5 Euro entry fee. 

There are three categories accommodated:  Novice, Intermediate and the “Fast Guys”. The Novice group start first, then Intermediate and finally the “Fast Guys” with enough time in between so that any group has a chance of making it to the finish line first. Average numbers last year on any given evening were about 30, if numbers are low on an evening it may be condensed into two groups.

There are two routes that can be used, both consist of 3 laps and both are between 37km and 38km giving about an hour of racing. One is an out and back course along the old main road to the roundabout in Newmarket on Fergus. This course allows riders who are dropped to easily cross the road before the turnaround points and get back on again. The other is a typical race circuit with some small, twisty and lumpy roads and a few short drags. The circuit map can be seen at this Garmin connect location.

Well's Church Car Park

Rás Clár 2012 Highlights
More Pictures are available on Dolmen facebook

Ras Clar A4 Race

Ras Clar A3 Race

Ras Clar A1/A2 Race